Ethical Dilema Essay

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Ethical Dilemma Paper One major ethical dilemma I have come to notice is in my current line of work. And I would like to talk about our HR Department for this ethical dilemma paper. HR managers are responsible for hiring, firing, and promoting people. Many managers are not prepared to go through an objective process of candidates, instead relying on personal bias, lipot notes. For one I feel that our HR department is not professional nor are they fair. For example we have had many managers surprising being replaced by new managers. And the original managers do not get to find out until that new manager is hired and already giving orders. So to me I feel that is a major slap in the face. HR finds these out of state “previous managers” from different plants, they interview them, hire them and then bring them down here. I would also like to point out that every time we hire a NEW manager from out of town the company pays for the new hire and his/her family to move down here and sometimes that costs the company up to $10,000.The original managers I feel were not even notified of the change that was coming and they were not given a chance to explain themselves and try to save their positions. Once the decision has been made and HR sends out a welcome email, naming the newly hired person and the position they will be working in or managing. I know from speaking with the original manager that he is being looked at differently from the rest of the crew and the employees. And he/she feels as if they should just give their 2 week’s notice because who would want to be demoted? Another dilemma I see from our HR department is the hiring of friends and family. Or was I have heard say “Buddy Hiring”. There are husbands that work in production while their wives work in the offices. I have never seen this type of practice before. I have had

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