Ethical Dilema Essay

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Introduction Jackie: In applying the tools of ethics to ethical dilemmas in the clinical setting, some basic definitions will be discussed. The concept of ethics itself is difficult. In this dilemma we will bring to light the ethical principles that are used in considering ethical dilemmas, such as non-maleficence (do no Harm) and beneficence(Do good),respect for autonomy(Respect self-determination )and veracity(truth Telling). Simran reads case study. End. Where does the nurse go from here? Nurse Meera calls supervisor ajini. Hello Ajini. I have a situation with a patient’s family. I need your help. Ajini : you sound a little overwhelmed I will be there within 3minutes. Meera ok. Thank you ( Ajini came meera tells her what is happening Ajini: who is the social worker on the unit? (rhetorically) omg ,Let me call Nisha. Hi Nisha could You be so kind to come to 4 north? Nisha I will be there. (Ajini informs Nisha about what is going on.) Nisha speaks to family member. (leaves the room) Jackie narrates: The social worker has spoken to the children and exwife. It doesn’t seem as if they will ever reach an amicable decision, therefore, she enlists the help of the ethics committee. The exwife asks who is or what is the ethics committee? Our ethics committee are a group of people with diverse backgrounds which assist patients, their families and healthcare providers in making treatment decisions for incompetent patients, as well as, clarifying the facts and fostering communications among healthcare workers, patients and families. Daughter: dad is not incompetent. Nisha: by incompetent I mean unable to make decisions for himself regarding treatment. Son: So how long will we have to wait? Nisha: I know this is a very difficult time for you, we are doing our best to have this situation resolved in the best possible manner and soon as possible. Thank

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