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Ethical Decision Making July 19, 2011 Ethical Decision Making The ethical decision making model in the appendix is simple and to the point. The first step, and most important step is, is described as the hardest step in solving any problem. Knowing that there may be more than one thing contributing to a problem and identifying the end state is how you want things to defining the problem look after a decision is made (Kem, 2006). Steps two through four in the ethical decision making model also add ambiguity to the situation. Knowing the rules is an important step, but it should not precede identification of the possible courses of action that can be chosen in an ethical dilemma. Based upon a quick analysis of an ethical dilemma, there will normally be two obvious courses of action; to do something or to not do something. Keeping these two options in mind while being open to possible, unthought-of alternative third choices (Kem, 2006). In this decision making model is good as it stands because it is simple and when making a decision time is usually limited. Appendix Define the problem Know the relevant rules (i.e. local law, standards of conduct etc.) Develop and evaluate courses of action Choose the course of action that best represents your work environment Reference List Dr. Kem J (2006) The Use Of The “Ethical Triangle” In Military Ethical Decision Making. Public Administration and Management, Volume Eleven, Number, PP.23-43.

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