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The case we will discussing references a situation in which the residents of a condo building are in disagreement in regards to the cleaning contractor and price of the services that they provide. The board has received a request to terminate a union contract in an effort to allow the condo owners to save money by contracting a different, less expensive, contractor. The estimated savings will be $35,000 a year for the 273 unit building. The current contractor has been in this building for several years and has not had any complaints from the residents for not completing their tasks successfully. This request has come at the same time as a negative force has impacted the economy. To make the information clear, this paper will begin with a few definitions of the common terminology that will be used. Then, we will discuss the ethical aspect of approving this request, as well as the humanitarian aspect of approving or rejecting this proposal. Finally, we will view the financial repercussions for each of the parties that will be affected by the decision. One important thing to remember as we view and form opinions on this case is that, decisions like this affect people, not just money. As the text, “The Ethics of Management” states, there are moral, economical, legal, and ethical components to consider (Hosmer, 2011). There are many descriptions and definitions of business ethics. The most relevant description of ethics, as it applies to this case, was found on, where ethics is described as, “…providing reasoned justification for our choices & behaviour when it affects others…” (MacDonald, 2011). The next term we will be using is “condo”. Condo is short for condominium, which is defined by the text as, “…an apartment that a resident owns rather than rent…” (Hosmer, 2011). Finally, a “board” is the association or group of owners of the condos

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