Ethical Decisions Essay

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Business Management Student Name MGT/216 January 13, 2012 Professor NAME What is a Business Role Model? Can a manager be a role model without a moral or ethical compass? The old saying “lead by example” came from an era of strong moral values in leadership, but ethical issues were more subtle than they seem to be today. Moral values were closely associated with religious values and the thought that a leader with strong religious conventions could lead by example was prevalent because they would inspire followers who think alike. However, reality was somewhat different over time. Pressure to make profits sometime made leaders who appeared to inspire and lead by example but turned out to be the antithesis of moral and ethical leaders. Analysis of covariance indicated that managers possessing the highest (i.e., post conventional) level of moral reasoning outperformed managers at the lower pre-conventional and conventional levels, but displayed lower levels of self-rated charismatic leadership” (Sosik, 2011). Mangers today seem to struggle with portraying moral leadership because moral and religious lines have blurred. There are too many examples of religious and by definition how could anyone be religious without being moral, diving off the ledge into the amoral abyss. Additionally, there has been a grey line between legal business activities and those that are deemed by society as unethical because they take advantage of someone, some law, or regulation. Society and

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