Ethical Decisions Essay

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Everything we do, or do not do, is a choice that can influence our lives and the life of others. Ethical decisions are based on principles decisions. This principle decisions are also based on universal values that have been held across time, such as culture, religion, politics, and ethnicity. Ethical decision making refers to the process of choosing among alternatives. In addition, when making ethical decisions is essential to obtain the crucial information, to pick the best ethical option, and to have an ethical efficiency. Ethical thinking and decisions making takes practice. Medical costs in the United States have been rising faster in the past few years; more specific, the price of operations fell over the past few decades because of a huge increase in demand and significant innovation. A recent economic study shows that when people receive insurance from corporations, people are neither careful shoppers nor likely to be prudent. However, when people pay exclusively out their pocket, it gets complicated for them because of the high prices that a few types of medical services ask for. For instance, cosmetics surgeries are one of the few types of medical care that consumers pay with their own money. The demand for cosmetic surgery has been increasing in recent years, so that many providers feel the necessity of having facilities located in their offices which makes a little more expensive for consumers. The emergence of substituting products also increases prices in this type of medical services. Coming up with a health care reform program that will satisfy everyone is going to be very difficult because everyone wants the best treatment. Health care has to be regarded as a moral right. Everybody has the right to a health care, and if an individual has insufficient economic resources to pay for such care, we as a society have to see that

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