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Ethical Decision Making Paper

  • Submitted by: Darkfairy81
  • on August 12, 2012
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Ethical Decision Making Paper
Byrallaine Bell, Candace Stevens, Stephanie Thacker, Tonya Dalton
August 6, 2012
Janet Evans

Ethical Decision Making Paper

There are many things that can shape the moral values and ethical standards of an individual. With the increased number of different cultures, religious, and ethical backgrounds   culminating into one country, the diversity of people and beliefs about what is right and wrong for the majority of people, and also the duty and responsibility to do the right thing has become increasing difficult to maintain on a consistent basis. It has become obvious that the values instilled at birth and the ethics that were either taught or environmentally embedded in individuals play an important role in our everyday lives.
Since ethics does play such an important role in our lives science has found a way of testing individuals to see how they perceive ethics. This test gives the individual information on what concept they most closely align with and which concept they least align within. This test is called the Ethics Awareness Inventory or EAI.
The Ethics awareness inventory is broken down into four sections to tell what type of
ethical person you are. The sections are character, obligation, results, and equity. Most people’s who’s ethical profile is most closely aligned with charter have a strong overall belief in integrity and their behavior is a reflection of their actions. People who base their ethical perspective on charter "look for evidence of virtue in people, including such traits as honor, justice, and benevolence, believing that a virtue is not just an abstract principle."(The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, 2003). The obligation category expresses how decisions are based in responsibility and loyalty, and stresses the importance of treating everyone like a human being instead of a means to accomplish a given task.

Taking responsibility for the choices made with ethical...

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