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Dustin Anderson Ethical Decision-Making Paper Final Meghan Kelley, PsyD 2/28/2010 Ethical Decision-Making Paper Ethical decision making is a process where the individual must make the right choice. It is a common thing among this society and can involve eighteen steps. This concept is important in life and should be followed no matter what. It requires the individual to have thought on a situation. It can cause the situation to have a positive or negative outcome in regards to the decision. Ethical decision making is a concept that needs to be learned by all individuals in the society. This concept will guide them into making the right ethical decision on such issues. Throughout this paper, an ethical dilemma will be examined. The 14 steps of the ethical decision making process will be explore too. Ethical Dilemma Dr. Anderson, a child psychologist, has his own private practice where he provides therapy for children. He is very well known around the community because he is good at what he does. Dr. Anderson has a problem that his assistant is concerned with. He loves to gossip no matter what the situation is. He has told all of his patient’s problems to friends and family. He has been doing it for a while and says that is how he copes with the issues. Dr. Anderson discusses his client problems with anyone he gossip to. Ms. Robinson, his assistant knows about this issue that he has. She needs to figure out what to do. Step 1: “Identify the situation that requires ethical consideration and decision making” (Pope & Vasquez, 2007, p. 111) Ms. Robinson finds out about Dr. Anderson wrong doing. She knows that he is committing an unethical act. He is supposed to keep his clients information confidential but he disregards that matter. Ms. Robinson knows that this is an important decision that she must make. They have known each other for a while and she

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