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University Transitions Ethics essay October 13, 2013 Ethical Dilemma During my twenty years of life I have been faced with many ethical decisions and dilemmas. But there was always the one that I will never forget, which was during the second semester of my junior year of high school. This time is the one I will never forget for many reasons I learned who my real friends were, Learned that people can change in the blink of an eye, and that football was the most important thing to anyone in my home town. The start of my junior year I attended Manatee High School in Bradenton FL where I went to school for my freshman and sophomore year as well. Well life was great at first and then all of a sudden the coaches who will be un-named started using racial slurs’ towards me and other athletes. This made me fear what else might happen so I told my parents I wanted to transfer and that is when hell all broke loose for my family. The ethical decision I thought that was protecting me from future harm turned out to endangering my life even more. Soon after I transferred to Southeast from Manatee I was soon faced threats from random people throughout town but also was threatened to be arrested for going to school by the school board. After not going to school for two weeks my parents hired a lawyer and threatened the school board that they will sue if I could not attend school at Southeast after the school board already approved me to attend there. During this time my choices were to be home school, fight the school board and county, or go back to Manatee High. My family and I fought the school board and won with our lawyer but was soon faced with an even harder challenge which was the community. I believe that the Common Good approach was the best approach for me in this situation which was for me and my family to leave that school and attend Southeast which was the

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