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Ethical decision making process refers to the ability to take a decision after an evaluation of a complex and ambiguous ethical situation, and to the capacity to implement that ethical decision effectively. The ethical decision in this paper refers to the ethical dilemma of accepting of not the gift from the patient. In this case the client comes from a non-Western culture, so the ethical dilemma involves cultural considerations. The gift giving aspect must take into account the cultural context. The patient is a Navajo Native American male, and he has offered a dream catcher as a gift to his therapist, after ending the psychological treatment. In many non-Western cultures this type of gift represents an expression of gratitude and emotional bond. “In order for a therapist to successfully work with a client from a non-Western culture it is necessary to comprehend the specific meaning of the gift ritual for the culture in question (Saad & Gill, 2003).” The ethical decision will go through the first 14 steps of the ethical decision making process. Step 1: State the dilemma as clearly as possible. In this case the ethical dilemma refers to the dream catcher: to receive the gift or not. The therapist should identify the ethical problem, asking the question why this is a problem? He will analyze all the questionable issues about the scope of the gift, or other assumptions and perspective related to the Navajo client and the dream catcher. The approach in this case is to understand the cultural approach of the situation. The therapist should be wise and inform himself about the patient’s culture and traditions. Step 2: Anticipate who will be affected by the decision. The therapist ethical decision of accepting or not the dream catcher may have a strong impact in the patient. Taking into account the cultural and spiritual approach of gift-giving and sharing of

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