Ethical Consideration Essay

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Assignment #1 Ethical Consideration Can Corporate Advertising Sway Juries? Course Title: Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility Course Code: GR 645 Fall 2013 Submitted to Professor Elizabeth Brown Submitted by Khaled Mahmud Section 2DA McCallum Graduate School of Business Bentley University September 23, 2013 Facts: I am a manager of Dow Chemical Company. I am overseeing the silicon-breast-implant litigations across the United States. According to market research, people are not much aware of my products, except those who are involved in the litigation. Before my next trial in Louisiana, I am planning to run a full-scale advertising campaign to boost Dow Chemical’s public image. The goal is not only to strengthen the brand awareness, but also to influence public opinion in the jurisdiction of the suit by creating a positive image in the minds of potential jurors. Issues: Would it be ethical to run such a campaign to influence potential jurors just before the trial? What actions I should take as a manager and what actions I should take as plaintiff? Actions as a manager: As a manager, I will try to take those actions that ultimately will increase my company’s shareholder values. By shareholder, I mean all the stakeholders both internal and external (i.e. customers, employees, creditors, stockholders, community, etc.). My probable actions are listed below: 1. Internal investigation: As I am overseeing the matter all over US, I will definitely run an internal investigation to find out what happened and degree of involvement of Dow Chemical Company in the matter. Rational: Clear understanding and deep knowledge will definitely give me a strong ground for my next actions. It might take a while to finish the internal investigation, may be not before this specific trial. But it takes what it takes to find out the facts that will

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