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Code of Ethical Conduct The topic of my choice is the ethical code of conduct from Chipotle. As we all know the code of conduct is not merely written to just be another set of rules in life but to protect the company and its employees. I will discuss areas that back my previous statement and reasons why they are important, as well as implementing them in the best way. Chipotles code of conduct has a whistleblower policy in which you can make any complaint or concern with confidentiality. This policy goes well with compliance with the code of conduct. If we are not following our protocols properly then in fact we can be reported by others. Not only does this help prevent the same situation from happening again but helps with future…show more content…
Here in their code of conduct they also mention political and religious separations in their business dealings. Meaning, they choose to take a neutral ground on religious and political issues and thus by taking the neutral ground they avoid conflict that may arise. We all have the right to our own religious beliefs as stated in the bill of rights. This being said the discrimination policy comes in perfectly. Employees, managers and customers will all have their own beliefs and political views so by making sure you are enforcing the no discrimination policy you prevent any legal issues that may arise or conflicts in the facility. You will be dealing with people from all races, cultures and sexes, so by maybe having an annual review of your policies this may help in the long run with the company. There are a couple of ways Chipotle could participate in social responsibility. One would be to offer donations to charities of a worthy cause. It is easy to do as well as gets the public’s attention provided that the company’s public relations and marketing teams can provide a way to inform potential customers of our involvement in such activities. Providing financial aid to organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, which provides room and board for families being affected by their child’s illness and are needing…show more content…
Also providing the recyclable materials in order to create napkins/plates/utensils that would be used in the restaurant. This would ultimately provide the general public the perfect “Trifecta”, not only would they see the business as health conscience providing quality food at a reasonable price. Also, showcase the company’s involvement with local charities and lastly giving the public knowledge of an environmentally supportive company by using recycled materials on a daily basis. Providing these key points that will help implement and enforce the code of conduct for Chipotle. By touching on three ways that a restaurant can engage with and give back to the community we can offer support and growth. Bringing in local farmers markets will also give ways the restaurant can bring in more health conscience choices and

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