Ethical Breaches in Healthcare

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Ethical Breaches in Healthcare Healthcare is a very important factor in an individual’s life and they want to ensure that any information about their medical information is private and confidential. Although most wouldn’t think that professionals in healthcare wouldn’t break ethical codes, sadly there are several situations where this has happened, and even sadder is the fact that it will probably continue to happen throughout the years. I have researched ethical breaches that have occurred within the past five years and chose three that I found were the most unethical in my opinion. Let’s get started and look at these ethical breaches in more depth. This first ethical breach I read about was an ethical breach by a laboratory located in Boston that was defrauding the government out of millions of dollars. Forest Laboratories in Boston were illegally marketing versions of the antidepressant Citalopram. The drug makers at this laboratory were marketing Celexa and Lexpro for illegal uses in adolescents and children. Although doctors are able to prescribe drugs for uses not certified by the FDA it is illegal for companies to encourage drugs for those purposes. Forest Laboratories were charged with concerns that two studies were accomplished to help expedite the FDA’s approval of use of these antidepressants in treating young people. One study showed that the drugs were of no help to the young people and could even be harmful to them. The other study, which was financed by the company, showed positive results of the use of these drugs in young people. Since Forest Laboratories promoted the study that showed positive results, they hid the negative one from their own medical advisors and sales reps for three years. It was later surfaced when the New York Times published an article about it. That is one aspect of the ethical breach. The other aspect is that Forest
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