Ethical Behavior Essay

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Ethical behavior is a set of moral principles that is consistent with what society and individuals typically think is good behavior1. It includes honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights. Ethical behavior is guided by societal standards that human beings are capable of expressing empathy and applying logic and reason in problem solving. Standards of ethical behavior is subjective and cultural in nature and can be applied differently in various contexts. For example in societies governed by religious truths, ethical behavior can be applied using religious beliefs that are acceptable to the majority of the society. However, ethical behavior in secular contexts for example in professional settings such as the practice of medicine refrain from applying religious beliefs in solving moral dilemmas. Civil and legal structures of ethical behavior are applied by the society instead1. Ethical behavior in strictly secular contexts can be guided by a code of ethics that entails a body of rules, principles and standards which govern the conduct of its members. For example in professional settings such as medicine, doctors use a code of ethics which are not laws, but standards of conduct which define the essentials of honorable and ethical behavior for the physician1. The code of ethics in medicine focusses on preserving patient’s confidentiality stressing that doctors should respect patient’s autonomy and support access to medical care for all people. The code of ethics emphasize that doctors should abide by their obligation to reciprocate patient’s trust and preserve public confidence in the staff-patient relationship in healthcare by upholding standards of honesty, displaying compassion and respect for human dignity and rights1. However, upholding ethical behavior in medicine also has it’s own challenges and certain dilemmas may arise.
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