Ethical Arguments Against Peter Singer

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Peter Singer was a man with good ideas. In the seventies, he wrote an essay on Bangladesh war refugees that were poverty stricken and starving. When one loses his/her ignorance to some critical issues in the world around them, often times their eyes are open. Upon learning about the refugees, Singer presented some ideas to help these people out that probably “stepped on some toes.” When we, in our world see someone with a lot of money, it is a natural thought to wonder what it would be like, what could we do for ourselves, how could we help our families and friends and other loved ones with this treasure? However, do we ever take the time to think of how we could help others with our fortunes? Singer had the belief that if it was more of a…show more content…
1999) Although Singer has a great amount of followers, there are people who disagree with his beliefs and moral reasoning. One argument that an individual might have with him is that we should focus on helping the people in our own country. We have poverty stricken and starving people here in America as well. Nobody is helping us, so we must help our neighbors in this country. Giving large sums of our personal profits to other countries will hurt us in the long run, it may be morally rewarding, but financially it is not. Another interesting argument against Peter Singer’s ethical views is that he is not against abortion or euthanasia. Not everyone is against abortion and euthanasia, but it is understandable to see how one can have a fight with these topics. If he wants life and liberty for one group of people, he should be for the life and liberty of all, this includes those in the womb. It is also a valid point to bring up that it is voted more of a reasonable action to save someone “right in front of you” rather than miles away. This goes for people just states apart, for example if Joe Blow lives in Florida, he will probably be more apt to relate to those in need of help in Florida rather than care about someone in Ohio. Does this make him a bad person? No. Singer’s expectations seem a bit out of reach, we are mere
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