Ethical and Socially Responsive Business Essay

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Cupid and Venus; Love and Feelings Quinn Ivy ENG 090 Fundamentals of Writing Professor Learn From Your Mistakes 14 February 2014 Being Mindful of My Emotions in Love and Feelings Listen Ladies, take my hand and walk with me for a minute. I had a visit today from My Emotions about Love and Feelings. I asked Love, I said, “Love I want to pay you $100.00 dollars for some extra added Love”. Love replied, ”No problem, but I’m going to tax you with interest”. So now I’m thinking, I can pay Love taxes with interest at .07 percent at today’s tax rate. So I handed Love my $100.00 dollars. Love said, “That will be $170.00 with tax and interest accrued for the extra added Love that you inquired about”. I told Love, “You ripping me off, why should I have to pay a .70 percent tax with interest. Love replied, “Why am I always allowing you to replenish your Love for free, it’s time you pay your dues”. Ok so now I’m caught up in my emotions. Now here comes Feelings, and Feelings said, “Why you always hurting me, paying more attention to Love than Your Feelings”. I told My Feelings, “I don’t do that”. My Feelings replied, “Ask Love”. Love said, “Yes, Feelings is correct, you always showing more Love than Feelings”. Love went on to explain, “You always looking for Love in the wrong places, instead of checking with Feelings first hand. Feelings always come first. Feelings always know where Good Love is at, but You choose otherwise. Not paying attention to your True Feelings being caught in the moment of Selfishness. Selfishness that’s another book, let’s not get off course. Before you anticipate Love, check with your feelings. Your Feelings is the determining factor of Love. Look for Love in the right places and the Outcome of Your Feelings won’t get hurt in the wrong places”. Love continued on saying, I come from the Heart not the mind. Feelings can decipher through the

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