Ethical And Moral Issues In Business Essay

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business In today’s businesses, there are sometimes conflicts between what an employee believes is right and what an organization tells their employees is right and conflicts between what the population and organizations feel is right. In business, the terms ethics and morals are somewhat blurred because a lot of people believe that those two words have no place in the business world. There are also thousands of individuals who blur the line between right and wrong just to get to where they want to be. Many often ask what the differences are between ethical issues and moral issues. To be able to answer this question, one must first understand what ethical and moral mean. “Ethics is the formal study of moral standards and conduct” (, 2010) and morals are “a person's belief about what is right and wrong.” (Biotech Learning Hub, 2010) Essentially, morals are learned by individuals from family and friends and rarely change as they get older whereas ethics are standards and conduct that is generally acceptable in the groups an individual is involved with and can change based on the group an individual is around at the time. Knowing this, an ethical issue is one that makes an individual or organization make a decision on what is right or wrong. Should an organization shutdown one warehouse and lay off hundreds of employees to maximize the remaining profit because they are experiencing financial troubles? Personal ethics would probably say no, they can make it through the tough time, however business ethics would say yes to maximize profits however they could. Whereas a moral issue is something that makes an individual have to decide. As a lawyer, can you morally defend someone for the murder of a child? An individual with poor morals would have no trouble defending the person, but someone with good morals would have
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