Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Essay

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Laura Randolph MGT/216 March 14, 2012 Alfredia Martin Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Ethical and moral issues are very different at times and others they intertwine. In business, there are certain ethics instilled by the founders, stakeholders, and owners of a business. These ethics are spelled out within a company’s mission and core values. Businesses often implement a code of conduct for their employees. When hired employees are given the mission statement and core values to help each person understand what is expected on the business side. Morals are personal. Businesses do not have impact on morals. Morals are based on the individual. Ethics in business can work together with personal morals or work against them. Differences between Ethical Issues and Moral Issues Ethical issues are problems that go against the way a business are to perform and conduct business internally or externally. Moral issues are problems that go against an individual’s beliefs formed by religion, values, culture, education, and family. An example of business ethics is treating your peers and superiors with respect. In a meeting between managers, there may be debate on how systems need to be implemented. Managers may disagree with each other, but during the debate, each person must speak respectfully and listen to one another’s ideas. An example of moral ethics is a time when the employees are listening to music with provocative language and it is offensive to certain employees and not to others. Another example where the moral and business ethics come together as a problem is during an interview with a potential employee and she is faced with serving alcohol. She does not drink because of religious beliefs and feels that it would go against her beliefs to serve it to others. Business beliefs are that it is ok to
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