Ethical And Moral Issues In Business Essay

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business A good definition of business ethics would be the behavior that a business follows in its daily dealings with the world, and also their one-on one dealings with a single customer. Business ethics can occur when “a customer asks for a special deal or terms, or questions about the appropriate use of corporate resources, or discrimination of one sort or another” (Chapter 3). Speaking of discrimination, one ethical issue that potentially affects my community and my organization is the practice of discrimination. This “occurs whenever something other than qualifications affects how an employee is treated. Unequal treatment, usually unfavorable, can take many forms” (Chapter 3). Discrimination can also have an impact on my community by not allowing people of certain races to get jobs or housing around the community. This makes discrimination an ethical issue because all people should be treated equal, and because it is at the core of fairness in the workplace. Discrimination is also on the borderline of harassment, because I used to have a manager that use to always pick on me for no reason at all, but I always felt as though it was because I am an African American, and he was a Caucasian, he never picked on any of my co-workers who were also Caucasian. Therefore, I ended up going to human resources on him and he ended up getting a verbal warning. Another ethical issue that affects my workplace and community is harassment, whether it is sexual harassment or another type of harassment. “Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexually oriented behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable at work. It usually involves behavior by someone of higher status toward someone of lower status or power” (Chapter 3). Although someone of lower status could also be charged with sexual harassment if they give sexual gestures toward someone of
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