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Leg Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing Amber Bush Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing Nurses practicing in healthcare are faced with confronting both moral and ethical dilemmas. Those who encounter these dilemmas in situations where their ability to do the right thing is frequently interfered by the patients conflicting values and beliefs with the family members and other healthcare providers. This paper will discuss two case studies and how the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics influences a final decision in both of the outcomes. It will discuss how personal and societal values can influence ethical decision-making, fundamental legal aspects and the legal responsibilities of nurses in the work setting of each study. In regards to the malpractice case, the ANA Code of Ethics, (2001) the second provision states, “The nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group, or community” (Nursing world, provision 2, para 1). This means that the nurse has an obligation to tell the court what we had observed, when we observed it and to whom we reported the incident. In the case of Marianne, the family cannot come to an agreement about her treatment following a stroke. The expectations of the Code of Nursing Ethics are for the nurse to collaborate with the ethics committee to decide what is in the best interest for the patient. The ANA Code of Ethics provision 1.4 states, Each nurse has an obligation to be knowledgeable about the moral and legal rights of all patients to self-determination. In situations in which the patient lacks the capacity to make a decision, a designated surrogate decision-maker should be consulted. In the absence of a designated surrogate decision-maker, decisions should be made in the best interests of the patient, The nurse supports patient self-determination by participating in

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