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Ethical Dilemma Paper Marquis Stamps CJS/211 08/27/2015 Timothy English One of the most difficult trials I face in my life are ethical and moral dilemmas. An ethical dilemma is more consistent with my everyday life than a moral dilemma. Ethical dilemma is defined as situations in which there is a choice to be made between two options, neither of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable fashion. Every day I am faced with decisions of right and wrong most of which are easily and correctly dealt with. Sometimes decisions need to be made that are not easy or clear, however they require thought and often prayer. The care for fellow human beings, regardless of the mistakes they make, or the crimes they commit. I am concerned with every creature that have been encounter, and being on this earth. I wait for facts, details, and the opinions of others before I draw conclusions about complex events that I have not witnessed first-hand. When new information contradicts the old I change my mind. When engaged with an incompetent ideologue, I retain the hope that the misguided will someday find their way. In this sense I am an unapologetic liberal. How much of your own food do you grow? How much firewood can you put up with your own hands? How far can you walk in the woods and how long could you stay alive out there if you had to? I think these questions reflect conservative values, and I consider myself a true conservative by this measure. When it all does come down it is going to suck the most for the folks at the top. Remember, the government is here to protect their wealth. Starve it long enough and it will die, then they face the peasants alone. Of course, one can hardly imagine the consequences, it would be in America as it is all over the world today. Grim sickness and painful death coating the ground in a sticky residue of human suffering.

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