Ethical Essay

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Our team was split almost down the middle with the lenses we utilize. Two members had a rights and responsibilities lens, two had an autonomy and rationality lens, and the final member has ‘no lens’ and utilizes all the lenses in turn. Those with the rights and responsibilities lens found they believed universal rules existed and applied to everyone which made the simulation difficult to understand how or why others approach similar situations with different methodologies. The members with this lens also found that they have a tendency to make decisions that are ‘right for everyone,’ which of course assumes they do know what is best for everyone. One member has no dominant lens. This individual is able to look at each of the lenses and determine where the strengths and weaknesses exist. This ability assists in the ability to objectively determine the right tools to use in each situation to procure the best possible outcome. Having no lens lends itself to a desire for each member to have a fair playing ground, which can often result in being the referee or peacemaker for those around you. Members with the Autonomy and rationality lens tend to assume that their own definitions of responsibility apply to everyone. This lens stresses responsibility and accountability. They focus on individual team member improvement in hopes of benefiting the overall team. They tend to believe that predictability encourages teamwork as members better understand how others will react and respond in every situation. They believe that if members take ownership for their behavior it improves decision making. Members of our group with the rights and responsibilities lens indicated that the merger portion of the simulation was the most difficult. They indicated that they tried to approach the merger in a more ‘reasonable’ fashion in a way where things wouldn’t be handled as strongly. They

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