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Ethical Analysis Dilemma Tikaya McCoy Psychology A Psychologist Knows Best Capella University May, 2013 Abstract This paper tells how a licensed Psychologist would handle a case where a child needs to seek treatment for cutting and depression. The custodial parent has given consent to the psychologist to perform the treatment while the drug abused noncustodial parent wants to the apart of the treatment. The practices of psychologist can be highly rewarding, yet quite challenging. Despite their extensive training psychologist often find themselves ill-prepared for the wide range of ethics dilemmas that face them. In this paper I would fully discuss how a licensed psychologist would solve this issue with both parents using ethical decision making and challenges of ethical practice. The implication theories in psychology practices are considered. The first step a psychologist would do to resolve this issue is” having a professional relationship with both parents so that both parents can voice their concerns in the course of consulting the psychologist as the child’s therapist” (W.A., &Fournier, C.J. (1999). A psychologist would know that following this proceed would enable both parents to come to some type of agreement to see would they both assist with the child treatment. As the psychologist it is mainly her job to help the child who is in need of his/her immediate help and follow all ethical procedures by law or the book. The second step a psychologist would use to resolve is to review the ethics of code section, including standards on multiple relationships, avoiding exploitation and harm, and attention to one’s personal functioning and how it may sometimes impact the child

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