Ethic in It Essay

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ICT3010 Assignment. Deadline: TBA. Submission format: hard copy and soft copy (PDF or DOC). You may be required to submit the assignment through the Moodle space for the study-unit, in which case you will be able to submit a draft version through Turniitin to check for accidental plagiarsm prior to submitting it for assessment. Towards the end of this document you will find three scenarios. You are to choose one of them and then follow the instructions below. For your chosen scenario you should write a 5000-6000 word essay in which you identify the following: 1. the facts; 2. the stakeholders; 3. any relevant laws/guidelines/policies (use Maltese Law if available); 4. the ethical issues; You should then perform an ethical analysis - which ethical theory you may consider is indicated in the scenario (however, you should not use the ethical egoism theory, virtue ethics, or moral relativism). The next three points should be discussed for the chosen ethical theory. 5. a description of the ethical theory chosen. 6. an ethical analysis of the scenario using the ethical theory; 7. the possible consequences (and possible side-effects) of your decision following the ethical analysis for the ethical theory; 8. how you would evaluate the results of your decision. Note on academic honesty and plagiarism. This assignment is an individual assignment, not a group assignment. You may discuss the ethical issues, ethical theories, the approaches to ethical analysis, and share relevant web sites and other published resources with each other, but you must not, under any circumstances, share any material that you have written (even if it is still in draft or note form). Additionally, you are expected to properly cite sources of information that you have found and used to write your essay. If you use the writings or ideas of others, you must cite them properly by enclosing phrases and

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