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Tutorial (Michael Woestman) On May 5th 2014 my partner John Smith had interrogated two young subjects on the case of a woman being beaten and raped, who is currently in a coma. When he conducted his interview, he did not turn on the video camera, which is required to be done during any interview. Also, the young subjects were under age and the parents were not notified about the interviews. During the interviews the young subjects confessed to beating and raping the woman. So they were arrested and taken to Juvenile Detention awaiting trial. Though the case seems to be closed, I feel that my partner went away from the protocols that are in place to protect us and the subjects. I think in the court of law the confessions could not stand the ground they need to, due to the lack of those protocols. My partner has been doing his job 20 years and has been a really good role model, but due to his recent actions I’m reluctant to support them. His actions prior to the interview were unethical to me as well. So I went to the police sergeant to talk to him about the situation. He said “The case has been closed and awaiting trial.” After that I explained to him the protocols that were broken and asked how we are supposed to protect the subjects and ourselves if they are not filed. He said “I will look in to procedures that were taken during the interviews.” Soon after my long decision with him there was no action taken to look at what had happened. This led me to call the local paper to inform them of the story that was happening. Shortly after I put the call in reporters showed up and started to interview a lot of people, myself included. A month or so later after a big investigation of our police force, my partner was suspended due to his actions on that day. I had mixed emotions about it, he has been my partner for a long time and I feel that my

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