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I do think it’s common today. One example is the music we listen to today. The messages in the music not only crictize the government but from all the above you name it they sing/rap about it. It’s such a big influences in today’s world. Rather it’s good or bad. Another free expression that’s used in today’s world is pictures/ songs/movies/. These are ways to express they views and be seen /heard for the world to know. What I learned about the documentary is that, a lot of people contribute your passion for musical theater. The story discussed different music as well as different plays. It also displayed when African American was brought onto the scene and how they made an impact as well to the musical world. Ethel Merman was very much interesting to me. She was considered the woman that could hold the longest note with her powerful voice. What I learned about Ethel Merman is that she also was involved with acting as was well known for "There’s No Business like Show Business" which became her theme song. While in today’s world, one thing that stood out to me was that, Ethel was married four times. Which is very common now in today’s society. This shows me how history kind of repeats itself and it was no different from back then. 1.One of the…show more content…
Julie plays an interracial person and was the leading star on the showboat. It all came to an end for her when the others realized she had a black mother and white father. It was considered if you had one drop of black blood in you, you were considered black. Julie had to leave due to this discovery. Their story is important in today’s society because, it shows how true and gives real everyday life examples of racial issues. This shows how it was alive back then and just as well as of now. Showboat gives examples of how interracial people are passing for white in ordered to be accepted, interracial marriage, and even using the “N” word, which all still goes on till this

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