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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges Maxine Jones Strayer University Professor Charlene Walters Principles of Marketing April 30, 2011 Abstract This paper will review the following: “Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? “Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success” case study. It will discuss the following topics: The type of consumer buying decision that best describes the choice to indulge at Ethel’s. What factors that influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel’s. What factors that motivate consumers the most and also try to access what needs the Ethel’s experience appeals to most. Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges opened to the public with the appeal of familiarity of the Mars name. To the consumer, remembrance of the household name famous for M & M and Snicker Bars which has been around for generations has a great appeal. This, coupled with the unchanged taste, pureness and smooth textures which Mar’s products are noted for, appeals to the consumer as they always meet their expectations. By its unique taste, luxurious décor and relaxing ambience customers are drawn to Ethel’s Chocolate lounges. Buyers go through five stages of decisions making when purchasing a product. They are outlined in the diagram below. The need recognition is the first stage of the buying decision. Sometimes we skip some of the other buying decision stages and go straight to the need recognition only. For instance someone buying a burrito would recognize the need of hunger and just go right to purchase decision and skip the decision of information search and evaluation. When we choose the deliberate on purchases, the model above is very useful. Buying always start with need recognition. The factors that influence customers to visit Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge are cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Consumer behavior is influenced by

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