Ethcis Simulation Essay

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From: | Rian Brown | To: | | Evaluating your Decision | Bonus Points | Total: 6,100 (out of 11,000) | | In order to close the loop, I'd like to show you where your choices fell in the possible range of choices that we developed. You chose the option for the Relationship Lens, which shows that you tend to be an idealist who strives for the highest expression of our values and expects the very best in people. The point of this final exercise is to confirm that while more than one choice may be ethical, some choices are still better than others. You will notice that the best options are often the more complex ones. * Using the Relationship Lens, the best decision tilted toward rationality (justice) by following the process established to avoid plagiarism. * Using the Reputation Lens, the best decision tilted toward sensibility (mercy) by demonstrating character in establishing a connection with your professor. Both choices are perfectly ethical. The difference is your understanding of human nature, your core values, and the best way to assure that we are all responsible members of the community. | Relationships | Reputation | Best | 4. Identify the source of all borrowed material you use in your presentation, or develop your own. | 1. Meet with your professor; tell him what you have done and where you obtained all the materials used in your presentation. | Good | 2. Read the class syllabus carefully as well as the student Code of Conduct so you can be sure what is required for academic success, including what is and is not plagiarism. | 6. Meet with your professor and ask the professor to tell you what you need to do to get a good grade. | Poor | 3. Expect that professors will tell you what you need to know to get a good grade in their class. | 5. Do whatever it takes to get a good grade; you're the one whose future is on the

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