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By Adam Hussain Aristotle was a student of the philosopher Plato. Although he was Plato's best student, Aristotle rejected some of Plato's theories and believed in different things to Plato. Plato believed in the body and soul and was a dualist. Aristotle believed that we are here because of the 4 causes and was a materialist. Aristotle believed that the 4 causes caused everything in the world and rejected Plato's dualist view of the world. He only uses what he already knows because he is rational. Aristotle uses an empirical approach towards everything and uses his senses. Aristotle is more concerned with studying the physical world and gaining understanding from observation. Plato believed that something has already existed in the realm of the form and the realm of appearances. Aristotle believed that something creates everything and the things that create everything are the 4 causes. Aristotle believed that something was already the perfect form and was created with the perfect form. Aristotle rejected Plato's theory of the forms and thought hat Plato did not explain the relationship between the ideal and material objects. Aristotle's 4 causes are the material cause, the formal cause, the efficient cause and the final cause. Aristotle believed that if things come into existence, they must have been caused by something. He believed that the 4 causes caused everything. Aristotle said that everything in the world had a purpose. He said that something caused something to happen so that thing could fulfil its purpose or come to an end. The first cause is the material cause. The material cause is the material of which something exists from. Everything has material cause. The material cause has potential and leads to the final cause which is the actuality. The form of the final product existed in the material cause and then it later on becomes the final product.
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