Ethc 445 Quiz Week 6 – Updated Essay

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ETHC 445 Quiz Week 6 – Updated IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@Gmail.Com Time Remaining: Question 1.1. Ethics of the deontological school would drive the commanding officer (CO) to make what decision? (Points : 6) To seek the best welfare for his sailor To take risks of courage To calculate the best possible outcome To ask what virtues he seeks to honor To do his duty under rules and procedures Question 2.2. A decision to get the injured seaman flown to the aircraft carrier for the good of all is an example of what kind of ethics? (Points : 6) Humean An application of virtuous courage Deontological Utilitarian Objectivist Question 3.3. If the CO's conscience was bothering him while making a decision, reading up on what ethicist would have made him aware of his thinking and deciding? (Points : 6) Ayn Rand St. Anselm St. Thomas Aquinas John Locke John Stuart Mill Question 4.4. What virtue is not shown if the CO shows unwillingness to contact the carrier air group commander about the welfare of his sailor because of fear? (Points : 6) Procrastination Selfishness The virtue of courage Wisdom Moderation Question 5.5. The maxim "I uphold only the ethical view that all rational beings ought uphold" follows _____. (Points : 6) Utilitarian ethics An Aristotelian moderation of virtue A strong application of care-based ethics Kant's categorical imperative in the first formulation Care-based ethics Question 6.6. When the CO wants to avoid doing "stupid things," what theory of ethics is
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