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Ethan Frome Research Paper Alina Dyak #4 10/27/2010 Period 4 The book Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton takes place during harsh economic struggles do to the war. The main character struggles to earn a suitable income, and mainly enters a marriage for financial support after his mother dies. Zeena, Ethan Frome’s wife, helps Ethan Frome survive, however, she does not enlighten Fromes life with joy. The main character on the other hand, finds love when he enters into an affair with Mattie, Zeena’s cousin and maid. After meeting Zeena Ethan Frome is caught between 2 woman, one that can provide him with love and compassion, and his wife, who he relies on for economic support. In the book, the woman are the ones to make the decisions, and men were usually portrayed as weak. Edith Wharton’s exposure to knowledge about the cruel social status of individuals due to the war during the 1900, and her view of gender roles in society influenced her novella of Ethan Frome and forced it into a naturalistic perspective. The poor economic status of the characters in the novel, and the weak figure of Ethan Frome, leads to the cruel ending of the novel, encouraging the idea that our destiny can not be changes, and that outside forces control our outcome. Edith Wharton included the harsh economic status of Americans during the 1900, by basing her novel on the war. Even though she grew up into a well established, wealthy New York society she still noticed the issues the war created. (Spankeren, K.) “She passionately argued for early U. S. intervention in World War” (Mead, W). Her book, Ethan Frome takes place in a New England countryside, and since she loved Europe and visited a lot, she noticed the struggles the war caused and hoped for U. S. involvement. (Wright, S.) “She was born during the Civil War, so her upbringing provided her with insight on the upper class, while

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