Ethan Frome P34 Analysis

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The narrator in Ethan Frome uses hyperbole, tension, shifts in mood, personification, and imagery to help us understand the intensity of and nature of the bond between Mattie and Ethan—the fact that Ethan thinks she is like a godsend to him and is the only one who can understand and relate with him. This can be seen on the bottom of page 33 through the entire page 34. In the scene, Ethan is reminiscing on the past year he has spent with Mattie. In the beginning of the passage, the narrator mainly uses imagery to describe the treasured bond between Ethan and Mattie. Imagery is the use of text to form a mental image or feeling. The imagery at the start of the passage is positive, an example being, “It was during their night walks back to the farm that he felt most intensely the sweetness of this communion” (33). By showing us the magnitude of Ethan’s feelings towards Mattie, we can begin to understand how much Ethan treasures their bond. He is overwhelmed by a feeling of “sweetness” on his “night walks back to the farm” with her, which is an example of organic imagery, or imagery that describes an emotion or feeling. In this case, the feeling described is a feeling of “sweetness,” which is a feeling that is associated with calmness and joy. This gives us a good understanding of the intensity of the bond between them. Ethan rarely has feelings of happiness in his life, and Mattie is like a godsend to him in the way that she makes him happy and calm. In order to understand how intense the bond between Ethan and Mattie is, we must first understand just how lonely Ethan is. The narrator continues with a long description about how Ethan has a unique feeling towards nature, and the pain it brings him to know that he has no one to share it with. Throughout this part of the passage, the narrator uses
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