Ethan Frome

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Ethan Frome essay Ever since Mattie Silver came to be Ethan’s maid, things started to change. Mattie ultimately came to help take care of Zeena because she was sickly, but it soon turned into Mattie and Ethan falling madly in love with each other. Zeena never was a good wife to Ethan. She would complain about money problems and Ethan would tell her he’s doing all he can. She’d use all Ethan’s money on doctor visits but in reality she was never truly sick, it was all in her head. At times in the book there were moments where Zeena would be perfectly fine and those times were when she would be mad with Ethan and Mattie. This is proof showing she’s a fake. Through out the book there are several moments where Mattie and Zeena would fight with…show more content…
Hale. If Mattie would’ve died I don’t think Ethan would’ve lived. I think that Ethan being truly in love with a woman for the first time and all of a sudden that woman dying before his eyes would’ve drove him to suicide, even if he knew his wife was sick. Even though in the end Mattie and Ethan are handicapped they got what they wanted. They wanted to be together and now they are. They might be living in the same house as Zeena and a harsh life, but now Zeena can’t make Mattie leave. Mrs. Hale says “I don’t see much difference from the Fromes down in the grave yard; ‘cept that down there they’re all quiet, and the women got to hold there tongues.” I don’t agree with this. Even though now Mattie and Zeena have to be around each other for forever Zeena is taking care of Mattie instead of the other way around. Zeena feels responsible to take care of her. I’m sure now that Mattie is handicapped Zeena won’t fight with her and they’ll be all right. If in fact Mattie died in the crash and Ethan go on with his life I know that he wouldn’t be happy. Ethan was a poor man and could barely take care of Zeena and himself. He was stuck in the town for the rest of his life because of his wife. He had a future but he didn’t take a hold of it. He would be better off Mattie, his true love, being alive with him then dead and completely
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