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Recap Of Chapter One to Chapter Six In chapter one, Ethan is at the window of the church and is trying to peep thought the window to see Mattie but is seems that he keeps being blocked and so it states on page 30 that he is “vexed”. This means angry, annoyed and irritated. Once he has spot her he starts to have feelings for her. Zeena has started to notice these feelings but she act’s like she know nothing. This can be seen on page 38 where Zeena becomes political by asking Ethan lots of questions. In chapter two Ethan meets Mattie and he familiarize with her. He starts to become personal with her but his emotions take over him. This can be seen when the narrator states on page 49 that Ethan is “internalised” this means that she has taken over Ethan by Mattie’s looks and personality. Chapter three and four is about the next morning when Mattie is optimistic, this is shown when she is whistling the tunes from last nights dance. This also make’s Ethan happy because they will be left alone for one night, this is because Ethan’s mother is sick so she has to go to he doctor. When Ethan comes back from work, on his way he spots a picture of his future. It states that he and his wife will live together for 50 years. He doesn’t like it. Ethan comes home and has dinner. While he has dinner the dog jumped up and broke a pickle jar that Mattie got down from the cupboard. It was a wedding present. Chapter five is about when Ethan tries to make a move with Mattie. He is happy because he has her on lock this is as she broke the pickle dish, which she is incredibly sorry for. On page 96 Ethan tries to make his move by kissing a piece of cloth that Mattie is knitting, but Mattie just gets up and goes to bed. Chapter 6 is a disaster waiting to happen. This is because Zeena is back before Ethan had chance to fix the pickle jar. And also since that she is back everything

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