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American Studies Name___________________________ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Date______________Block__________ CHAPTER REVIEW Using the text, complete the following questions for each night’s reading assignment. You should include SPECIFIC textual references; page numbers are REQUIRED for all responses. CHAPTER NUMBERS: 15-18 1. Briefly summarize the events of the chapters here. Include plot, characters, and setting. Huck and Jim are nearing Cairo. Huck gets lost in a fog along the way and turns it into a joke on Jim by telling him that hes dreaming. As they hit land, a search was declared but Jim cleverly prevented it. Huck revealed that he had originally intend to turn Jim in but he decided to do whatever is most beneficial to himself. They continued down the river and got seperated by a steamboat that destroyed the canoe. Huck finds himself saved by the Grangerfords and lives under their hostility. Huck doesn’t know that Jim has been tailing him ever since they got washed ashore. They reunite later and leave the town to continue their journy. 2. What is/are the conflict(s) present? Are they external or internal? Huck reveals to the readers that he had intentions of turning Jim in but Jim allays these intentions when he says that Huck is his only friend. Huck faces an internal conflict between his moral self and what is most beneficial to his well being. He decided to ignore morality and only do what will be handy to him, and he decided not to turn Jim in. The Grangerfords and the Sheperdsons has a big family dispute between each other that started 2 years ago. Cause unknown. This external conflict involes violence and hostility that led to many deaths including the dead bodies of Buck Grangerford and a Sheperdson in the woods. 3. Does Huck learn any important lessons throughout these pages? What are they? If he’s

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