Ethan from and Great Gatsby Compare Contrast

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As Johnny Cash once said "Love is a burning thing, and it makes my heart want to sing. I fell for you like a child, and went down into the ring of fire." This could not be more accurate. There is a reason many songs and poems focus on love and fire in the same context. The deeper in love you get, the more heated things get, in both senses of the word. Many authors have honed in on love as a inevitable want that no individual can contain. Even if many obstacles stand in the way, true love will always find a way, but at the terrible cost of keeping secrets. Secrets that eat away at your bones until you fall to your knees because of all the guilt inside you. Two such novels that contain love and the secrets it contains are the Great Gatsby and Ethan Frome. The Great Gatsby is a novel told from the perspective of one of its characters, Nick Caraway, looking back on the events that unfolded because of his close relationship with his neighbor, James Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby was a man of extreme wealth that came to him because of a large inheritance from his father, or so he claims. He holds extravagant parties every weekend that often are filled with everyone in town. His true intentions of holding this shindigs so often is to attract his former flame Daisy, Nick's cousin, to see if he can relight their flame that was never fully blown out. His intentions are pure and heartfelt but a large, handsome problem stands in his way of getting Daisy back, her husband Tom. After Gatsby went to serve in the war, he lost contact with her for some five years and during this time she met a man of equal wealth that filled the gapping hole in her heart. The secrets then begin to come into play. Gatsby eventually comes in contact with Daisy and renews their long lost love, in secret of course. Even though she is married, Gatsby cannot control his desperate inner urges to be with Daisy. Tom

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