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Cross-Cultural Perspectives ETH/3163 March 21, 2016 Cross-Cultural Perspectives The subject of whether ethical and social issues should be a major concern for businesses is frequently debated, expressly in an arrangement of compositions from Larry Summers, Bill Gates, and many others. In recent times, a book called Creative Capitalism was put in print to discuss this very issue. There are varying opinions in regards to the cross-cultural perspectives of cultural issues that affects the organization's interactions outside the United States. Nevertheless, when you see the positive influence from the intention of a favorable image conscious Wal-Mart is producing in China, it undoubtedly indicates that individuals advocating for ethical and socially conscious organizations may be as it should be. Even as Wal-Mart‘s national establishment has grappled over the course of one year, Wal-Mart's general facility hasn't performed efficiently as well. Propelled by difficulties in China, Mexico, and Brazil, Wal-Mart's global revenues "grew by a mere 1% in 2013 and its revenue per square feet declined by 4.2%." (Team, 2014) Now that Mexico is Wal-Mart's main global site, severe outcomes from Mexico are an immense consternation for the mega department store. The China market is also crucially imperative to Wal-Mart in regards to enduring perspective, despite the fact that it doesn't add much to Wal-Mart's profits. It is plain to see that tackling these quandaries that Wal-Mart was contending with in both markets had to be amid Wal-Mart's paramount primary concerns. Wal-Mart's development abroad has come with a small number of wrong steps. The franchise crossed the threshold into Hong Kong in the early 90s; however, in approximately two years there, it collapsed. Wal-Mart then tried to do the same thing in the mid-90s and crossed the threshold into

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