Eth316 Week5 Essay

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives Introduction Merck & Company, Inc. is “a leading research-driven pharmaceutical products and services company. Merck discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human and animal health, directly and through its joint ventures” (Merck Corporate Philosophy, 2004). “The mission of Merck is to provide society with superior products and services by developing innovations and solutions that improve the quality of life and satisfy customer needs, and to provide employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities, and investors with a superior rate of return” (Merck Mission Statement, 2004). Merck lists several ethical values on their Mission Statement, which are: • To preserve and improve human life • Commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity • Dedication to the highest level of scientific excellence and commit research to improving human and animal health and the quality of life • Expect profits but only from work that satisfies customer needs and benefits humanity • Recognition that the ability to excel – to most competitively meet society’s and customer’s needs – depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of employees and these qualities are most highly valued The Cultural Issue Within the Global Organization Merck with global offices is committed to research that is innovative and provides employees with the kind of work environment that encourages them. Merck seeks out leaders in the research field who are enthusiastic and have the drive to “help provide medicines that save lives and improve the quality-of-life”(Merck Research Philosophy, 2004). Merck also supports their scientists by encouraging them to publish scientific information and attend outside events and

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