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Eth305V Ass 2 Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Section A:
Question 1: Theoretical background
1) prejudice- In grammar the word “prejudice” comes from the root “prejudge”. The word prejudice has been defined as a judgement or opinion, against or in favour of a person or thing formed beforehand or without due consideration of the facts. Prejudice is a pre-held negative opinion, perception, or judgment a person holds or expresses against something or someone, without justification or analyzing facts. For example, when one meets a Muslim person, or sees someone dressed as a Muslim on a flight, one automatically perceives him/her to be a terrorist, and is suspicious or unreasonably “sure” that the Muslim person intends blowing up the plane. The negative perception was based purely on perception of the Muslim person’s religious belief, and not by knowing the person personally etc., thus stereotyping deals with ill-informed description of people whilst prejudice is based on unjustifiable feelings towards someone. Social conflicts can be generated by racism, prejudice, and stereotyping; therefore efforts need to be made to reduce racist tendencies and prejudice in order to correct stereotyping. Ways of achieving this include more awareness education, and contact between the stereotyped and those who form stereotypes, as well as the accurate portrayal of individuals and groups in literature.
2) stereotypes- Is what happens when mental categories are created in order to place people, items or events in conceptually specified groups. Stereotypes are formed as a result of the overload of information and experiences that we have. In order to keep us from being cognitively overwhelmed, our brain has developed the mechanism of stereotyping, of creating categories into which we conveniently place large amounts of information, in order to organize and simplify the world. Stereotyping sometimes amounts to a rigid over generalized description of a person or group. When a stereotyped description is attached to a racial,...

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