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RESIGNATION OF CEO PATRICIA DUNN FROM HP Class Instructor Author Date Introduction The former CEO of Hewlett Packard was asked to resign due to the media attention and distraction to HP business her position generated. The actual announcement from the Directors is as follows: “Pattie Dunn has been a valuable director of HP for many years. We acknowledge all of the good work that Pattie has accomplished on behalf of HP…She served our board with distinction as chairman for the last year and a half. We have never questioned her intentions, her integrity or her ethics. To move forward, we believe it is in the company’s best interest that she now step aside given the distraction her presence on our board continues to create. We regret that we will lose her contributions to the board and appreciate that she has agreed to our request (HP, 2006).” Patricia Dunn was brought up on charges along with three security personnel involved in pretexting and retrieving personal information without consent. According to California law, these violations were related to tampering, deceitful telecom practices, misuse of computer records, and identity theft according to Grace Wong of CNN Money (2006). These actions were attempts to prevent proprietary information about HP being shared with outside media. In a statement from the Attorney General of the U.S. Dunn’s response to protect the company were “misguided” and breached the law (Wong, 2006). Yes, Patricia Dunn should have resigned her position at HP in order to protect the corporation, which was her claim in her statement in response to the call for her resignation by the HP Board. Patricia Dunn’s statement in response to resignation request: “I have resigned today at the request of the board. The unauthorized disclosure of confidential information was a serious violation of our code of

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