Eth 321 Week 4 Knowledge Check Study Guide Essay

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ETH 321 Week 4 Knowledge Check Study guide (Please Visit For more courses : ) • 1-Identify the true statement about administrative agencies. They are not authorized to perform legislative functions. They are charged with the task of creating regulations that are legally enforceable. They have only judicial and not executive powers. Their functions do not encompass the enforcement of regulations made by Congress 2-Which of these demonstrates the adjudication function of administrative agencies? Granting licenses to industries and professionals Distributing the statutory benefits provided by Congress Studying the broad policies made by Congress Deciding cases that involve violations of agency rules 3-What is true about the activities of administrative agencies? They work independently of Congress. They review judgments of trial courts They grant licenses and permits. Their scope of functioning is limited to legislation 4-Identify the true statement about the rulemaking process followed by administrative agencies The rulemaking process is formal and requires a comprehensive hearing. Agencies are prohibited from involving experts from outside the government in the rulemaking process. Agencies are required to make public any material such as reports and studies that they used during rulemaking. Agencies must publish the rule in the federal register only after holding public hearings 5-What is true about the powers of administrative agencies? All actions of the administrative agencies are reviewable by the judiciary. Administrative agencies cannot decide by themselves about when and whom to regulate. Administrative agencies have the authority only to grant licenses and not revoke them.
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