Eth-316 Ethics in Government Act Paper

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Ethics in Government Act of 2011 Carlos Maldonado University of Phoenix ETH-316: Ethics and Social Responsibility 5 September 2013 Prof. Lora Espada-Medina On July 1985, the Senate of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico developed the government ethic law that regulates the process for the appointment, term, and salary requirements, restrictions under the procedure of selection, separation, and dismissal from office of the Executive Management. This Act frames the commitment and obligation the Legislature have to keep under strict scrutiny the ethical responsibility of the government public servants, and to respond to the demands of the people. In this paper the contents of this law as amended in 2011, will be discussed and how the functions of the Law are described on public employees in Puerto Rico. As representatives of the people of Puerto Rico, the government should address to strict codes of ethics when performing assigned duties within the government agencies of Puerto Rico. The senate developed an Ethics Law that covers government functions aspects of officials and employees of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. This law was created on July 1985 and suffered 33 amendments prior to the ethics law of 2011. This law describes in detail the conduct of public servants and the punishments that may be applied to those that violate the ethics rules that integrates the values in the public service. For this purpose, the Government Ethical Office was established to enforce and monitor the ethical conduct of the government. The office principal objective is to renew and strengthen preventive and supervisory functions of the office. The office provides greater flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness to meet the expectations of the people to combat corruption and mitigate its effects. The rule of

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