Eth 316: Connection Between Critical Thinking And Ethics

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ETH/316 April 30, 2015 Leslie Freeman Critical Thinking and Ethics Critical thinking is an individual’s purposeful reflective judgement about what to believe or what to do in response to their observations and ethics is the rule of conduct recognized in respect to a particular group. It’s the basis of any decisions that we make on a day to day basis. The connection between critical thinking and ethics is that they both relate in observing and judging things. There are no general hard and fast rules regarding the application of ethics in various situations, which is especially pertinent considering the fact that what may be ethical in one situation may be considered unethical in another. In class some students stated they wouldn’t report a thief if he was stealing food, while others believed theft is wrong regardless of the circumstances. If the thief was hungry he should get a job.…show more content…
This can be hard to accomplish when individuals misperceive what is morally right with other moral agents such as self-interest, personal desires, and peer/community beliefs. “Because of complexities such as these, ethically motivated individuals must learn the art of self-critique, of moral self-examination, to become attuned to the pervasive everyday pitfalls of moral judgment: moral intolerance, self-deception, and uncritical conformity. The rules and principles of critical thinking do apply to ethics because they both follow the same guidelines. Critical Thinking helps people determine for themselves whether something is right or wrong. It is a form of analysis and determination of fact vs. fiction, identifying the unknown and coming to an understanding. By incorporating the critical thinking process into their mindset, it enables them to make decisions based upon truths and verified information rather than

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