Eth/125 Week #3 Essay

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Week #3 Essay ETH/125 By: Laura Aller 11-26-2011 In my opinion I believe that the only immigrants that should be preferred are the ones that have made the decision to come to the United States of America legally. The immigrants that are preferred would be the individuals that have actually invested time, and money into traveling into the United States of America, and are also trying to become a legal citizen. Instead of these immigrants trying to get away with everything, and not having to do anything for anyone, they just end up getting a free ride because they are immigrants. I believe that if I were trying to immigrate to the United States of America, I would definitely want to prove, and provide references showing that I can work hard for what I have, and keep it that way if I would be allowed into the United States of America. I myself believe in all honesty, every applicant is in need, and they are the neediest, they are trying to come into our country to try to better their lives for themselves, and their families. Individuals from other countries see us as the land of the free, and a destination away from their horrible lives they are living in their own country. If some of these individuals are so wealthy, why are they even bothering to come to the United States of America anyway? These individuals could very well stay where they already reside, and use the money they already have to make their living situation a much better experience. If we started giving exceptions to certain countries, then we would have a lot of issues to say the least. Our country is about variety of all cultures, and backgrounds. Thank You, Laura
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