Eth/125 Week 2 Assignment Essay

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I took three of the demonstrations; the president’s one that determined a preference over Barack Obama or another President, the weight one that determines a preference over fat or thin people, and the weapons one that determined the connection between blacks and whites with weapons or non-threatening items. Out of the three, the results indicated that I had a very strong preference for Barack Obama over Thomas Jefferson, Thin over fat, and that blacks had a moderate connection with weapons than whites did. It almost indicated that I am prejudiced over one skin color to another, which I thought was pretty correct because I’m Black and I would side with another Black before I would a white person. I agree slightly with only the blacks and weapons one, because I feel that white people are just as likely to have weapons as blacks people are. I do not think that blacks are any more dangerous than any other race and that equally the results should have been different. However, the other two I did strongly agree with. I prefer President Obama over Thomas Jefferson simply because I did not exist during Jefferson’s administration, while I exist during Obama’s and he seems to be during his hardest to get this country on the right track. I do not believe that you can determine the levels of prejudice easily especially with the results of these demonstrations. People are either prejudiced or not but there could be some grey areas like there was with my results. This quiz had nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin, but everything to do with his influence to this
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