Eth/125 Week 1

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1. Describe the diversity activity that you participated in. The diversity activity that I participate in was lunch time at my children`s school. Because my students attend a bilingual school that has a lot of Hispanic students in their population I decided to visit their school to see how Hispanics interact with other cultures during lunch time. As I watched the various classes come into the cafeteria I was amazed at how well the Hispanic students interacted with students of other ethnic groups and did not see race when interacting with them but were care free and engaged in friendly chatter. They did not segregate themselves based on race but socialized with all ethnic groups and talked to their friends that were at their table regardless…show more content…
Just by interacting with other ethnic groups you can gain so much knowledge into their culture. You guys can both learn from each other and dispel and racial stereotypes that one might have and can explore and find things that both ethnic groups have in common and use that to begin fostering a relationship. 5. Would you suggest this diversity activity for others? Yes I would definitely suggest this diversity activity to other people who are like me and have stereotypes about other ethnic cultures. It is great to take the time to get to research and observe other cultures and their traditions before stereotyping them. You would be surprised as to how many of our stereotypes about different ethnic groups are so left field. 6. How might others benefit from doing this diversity activity? Others might benefit from this activity because you will automatically be aware of any cultural biases that you might have when you go into a situation where there are people of other ethnic backgrounds. This type of activity can also help you dispel any rumors that you had previously heard and will help you begin to understand and try to foster a relationship with people of different ethnic backgrounds. You will also become more receptive and open minded when it comes to dealing with people that are of a different culture than

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