Eth 125 Final Project Essay

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Introduction: I live in Lynnfield, Massachusetts which is pretty all white suburban town. The assignment is to write a firsthand account of how human interactions in your community have been racial community, and seeing that the town I live in is basically an all-white community I decided to write my “reality story” about the city that I grew up in which is Lynn, Massachusetts. So I hope you indulge yourself in listening to my story. Although, Lynn and Lynnfield are directly next to each other they are vastly different. Growing up in Lynn, Mass people did look like me, but you have to understanding that was only in certain parts of Lynn. Lynn was, and is, divided into 3 sections, West Lynn, East Lynn, and the commons area. In West Lynn and East Lynn were basically white areas where as the “commons” area was mainly a black community. What was strange about living in Lynn, is although it was such a diverse city, the prejudices of people were so front and center that you couldn’t get away from it, which I am sure was like that in many towns and cities in America. In my house hold my Mother always taught me that color, shape, and size are not what make the person, what is inside and how one treats another is what makes the person. So to me the difference in ethnic backgrounds didn’t occur to me. How do leaders within your community treat people who are like you? How do they treat people who are different? This is a difficult question to answer, for leaders in my community generally treat everyone poorly. However, if we examine programs to aid people and the work environment then the picture becomes clearer. I would say that programs are definitely geared more to the minority populations such as Spanish Americans and African Americans. Programs are there for White Americans as well, however; in my view there is a preferential status. For example, my friend
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