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ETH 125 Final Exam Answers ETH 125 Final Exam Answers 1. In sociology, minority refers to the: a. dominant group. b. subordinate group. c. largest group. d. smallest group. 2. Members of the dominant group usually: a. marry within their group. b. marry members of the subordinate group. c. become part of the group later in life. d. have the same cultural characteristics as the subordinate group. 3. What defines a racial group? a. religious differences b. cultural practices c. obvious physical differences d. all of these 4. Which sociologist introduced the concept of the color-line? a. William Julius Wilson b. Karl Marx c. Robert Merton d. W.E.B. Du Bois 5. The sociohistorical process by which racial categories are created and manipulated is known as: a. racial formation. b. ethnocentrism. c. stratification. d. labeling. 6. The tendency to assume that one’s culture and way of life are superior to all others is termed: a. cultural relativism. b. ethnocentrism. c. prejudice. d. assimilation. 7. Another term for an ethnic slur is: a. ethnocentrism. b. prejudice. c. ethnophaulisms. d. discrimination. 8. Which of the following types of people would be unlikely to do much to change themselves? a. the fair-weather liberal b. the all-weather liberal c. the timid bigot d. all of these 9. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the authoritarian personality? a. People with authoritarian personality are usually violent criminals convicted of hate crimes. b. People with authoritarian personality tend to rebel against rules and authority. c. People with authoritarian personality do not conform to conventional values and morality. d. all of these 10. Exposure to ¬¬¬__________ appears to improve racial tolerance. a. higher education b. mass media c. news

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