Eth-125 Final Essay

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Knowing that I live amongst individuals from many different backgrounds both culturally and geographically I find myself to be lucky. I believe I realize this now after taking Cultural Diversity because I know how many of the cultures and foods that I love are from different regions of the world. Not many other people can say they met people from Japan, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Australia all in the same day but in the United States it is actually more common than you think in highly populated metro areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Not only did I learn about these other cultures and ethnicities that are amongst us in America, I learned about my own background and the culture I grew up knowing as my own. Ethnicity wise I am German, Irish, Portuguese, and a bit Native American (Blackfoot). I decided to look this up after taking the class and found out quite a bit about my ancestry which I found to be very informative and insightful. When I was a kid I loved hot dogs, and still do, which originally came from Frankfurt, Germany, hence it's German name the Frankfurter. I also learned that accepting other cultures, besides all of the different culinary aspects and my personal background, is key to creating a positive environment and atmosphere around yourself in modern day America. The trends in the demographics of the United States of America show that the Majority is slowly becoming a minority, basically White Non-Hispanic Americans are becoming less and less of the majority as the population of America grows. As of 2010, with the total population of the United States at 310.2 million individuals, White Non-Hispanic Americans are 64.7 percent of the United States population. While the second largest racial group in America is Hispanics with 16 percent of the population. According to the trends, the population is estimated to

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