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Kathakali literally meaning 'story-dance' is the dance-drama of Malabar which is now culturally and politically known as Kerala’s soul. Kathakali traced its origin to the ritualistic (tantric) period of the Vedic Age and connected its growth from the popular, folk dance dramas. The early Malabari danced in the forests: His dance was a power- a mixture of his passions, erotic pleasures and inner talks with the beauteous Nature, and his natural and graceful movements, elaborate gestures, picturesque costumes, grand harmonic make-up suggested by herbal plants of the forests and the vigorous and triumphant music emerging out of the crude instruments manufactured by him. It was believed that Kathakali was conceived from Krishnanaattam, the dance drama on the life and activities of Lord Krishna created by the Zamorin of Calicut. The reason for that is said as follows: Once Kottarakkara Thampuran the Raja of Kottarakkara who was attracted by the tone of the Krishnanaattam requested the Zamorin for the loan of a troupe of performers on the eve of some festive occasion. Due to internal feuds and political rivalry between them, the Zamorin refused to send the performers and insulted with the remarks: ”It is useless to depute the troupe, because Kottarakkara Thespian’s court would be neither able to appreciate nor understand anything of the highly artistic Krishnanaattam and the high standard of the performance". Here the political rivalry between the two chieftains leads to the art rivalry. So Kottarakkara Thampuran initiated a parallel mode of entertainment, which he called Raamanaattam which was later transformed into Aattakatha, and yet later into Kathakali while Krishnanaattam based on the story of Lord Krishna's activities, Raamanaattam described the complete story of Lord Raman. Krishnanaattam was written in Sanskrit, "the language of the Gods". Raamanaattam was in

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